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Timing: Jul 22 2017 16:32:26
Script start
Notice: eZMySQLDB::query(0.000 ms) query number per page:0 Jul 22 2017 16:32:26
SET NAMES 'utf8'
Timing: Jul 22 2017 16:32:26
Module start 'user'
Timing: Jul 22 2017 16:32:26
Module end 'user'
Timing: Jul 22 2017 16:32:26

Timing points:

CheckpointElapsedRel. ElapsedMemoryRel. Memory
Script start 0.0000 sec0.0717 sec 1,799.0742 KB2,401.4766 KB
Module start 'user' 0.0717 sec0.1690 sec 4,200.5508 KB2,147.7500 KB
Module end 'user' 0.2407 sec0.3518 sec 6,348.3008 KB4,752.2930 KB
End 0.5925 sec  11,100.5938 KB 
Total runtime:0.6123 sec
Peak memory usage:12,003.4141 KB

Time accumulators:

 Accumulator Elapsed Percent Count Average
Load cache0.0522 sec8.2650%150.0035 sec
FindInputFiles0.0424 sec6.7189%150.0028 sec
Mysql Total
Mysql_queries0.0055 sec0.8631%350.0002 sec
Looping result0.0026 sec0.4093%320.0001 sec
Template Total0.4297 sec 68.0% 3 0.1432 sec
Template load0.0563 sec8.9208%30.0188 sec
Template processing0.3730 sec59.0602%30.1243 sec
Template load and register function0.0026 sec0.4177%10.0026 sec
Cache load0.0181 sec2.8698%80.0023 sec
Sytem overhead
Fetch class attribute name0.0042 sec0.6607%50.0008 sec
Fetch class attribute can translate value0.0007 sec0.1071%50.0001 sec
Instantiating content class attribute0.0001 sec0.0129%50.0000 sec
Image XML parsing0.0041 sec0.6432%50.0008 sec
String conversion0.0000 sec0.0062%20.0000 sec
dbfile0.1035 sec16.3800%240.0043 sec
Total script time:0.6316 sec

Templates used to render the page:

Usage countRequested templateTemplateTemplate loadedEditOverride
1user/forgotpassword.tpl<No override>design/sydesy/templates/user/forgotpassword.tplEdit templateOverride template
1pagelayout.tpl<No override>design/actionhealth/templates/pagelayout.tplEdit templateOverride template
1content/datatype/view/ezimage.tpl<No override>design/standard/templates/content/datatype/view/ezimage.tplEdit templateOverride template
1setup/debug_toolbar.tpl<No override>design/sydesy/templates/setup/debug_toolbar.tplEdit templateOverride template
 Number of times templates used: 4
 Number of unique templates used: 4
 Time used to render template usage: 0.0003 secs